We have a civic responsibility to make this world better for our future generations. I believe that business can and should be the catalyst to social change around protecting our climate and environment.
— Martha Buckley • #SustainabilityMattersBecause

The Chicago Sustainability Series is a micro-philanthropic initiative to explore the intersections of The City's entrepreneurial & green communities. 

Each Dialogue provides immediate practical steps we can take to better manage resources for The City, as well as insight into how we can do better as a city. 

Moreover, by partnering with non-profits working in these areas, each Dialogue provides an opportunity to contribute to local, social good. 

Paramount to each Dialogue is representation & inclusion of the entire city. All are welcome, and our event spaces are wheelchair accessible.

Please contact me at tdemedici@sustainthechi.com if you require specific accommodations for the next live podcast.

Tomás de'Medici
Founder, The Chicago Sustainability Series

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